Economic inclusion directly supports seven Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically in relation to inclusive and equitable education, gender equality, inclusive economic growth, infrastructure, inequality within countries, inclusive human settlements and institutions.

RAF’s strategy will be promoting economic inclusion among women, entrepreneurs and populations in disadvantaged (urban or rural) regions within a country. With an aim to improve socio-economic resilience and living standards of vulnerable groups RAF will look at digital financial inclusion, expanding the potential for enterprise development, enhancing employability skills, and increased economic participation.



In the current era of rapidly evolving technology and changing workplace the need to establish a culture of lifelong learning in order to promote workers' adaptability and employability is essential. The Foundation will assist in skilling the demographics at two levels -

  1. Basic skills: Literacy, vocational and digital skills
  2. Entrepreneurial skills: decision making, understanding market, soft skills, accounting and organisational skills. Rizwan Adatia Foundation will invest in understanding the labour absorption rate of the market, up-to-date and flexible vocational curriculum will add to the trainees’ market relevance and identify gaps to build a sophisticated supply-demand-deployment process

PromoteSmall and Medium Enterprise

RAF will serve the segment as an implementing and learning agency for financial inclusion in the SME sector and to forge effective partnerships with other actors in the broader financial inclusion ecosystem.


Accessto finance

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Accessto market

Integrating gender considerations Rizwan Adatia Foundation will aid enabling conditions to reach markets, including access to market and price information, aiding relevant certifications and standards to access remunerative markets, inclusive financial systems and enhancing smallholders’ collective organization levels to increase their bargaining power improve marketing skills through entrepreneurship training, etc. Linking smallholders to markets Institutional procurement programmes for public institutions, food assistance and school meals.