Health Systems<span>Improvement</span> Programme

Health SystemsImprovement Programme

To avail Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and to build flexibility to ensure resilience at the face of epidemics and natural disasters requires interventions which are not limited to vertical disease specific programmes but move on to strengthening the overall Health systems infrastructure. The following are the intervention points that RAF will engage with, to strengthen health systems through strategic partnership and implementation.


Strengthening Public Health Care System

A well-functioning health system ensures equitable access to essential medical products and services, vaccines and technologies of assured quality, safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness, and their scientifically sound use. To improve quality of health services the focus will be on partnering with organisations, furnishing gap funds to build systems.



The range of application is varied and immensely beneficial, it helps provide services to remote populations and underserved communities through eHealth or mHealth. The strategic use of ICT, will improve the access, operations and financial efficiency of health care systems.


Arresting Critical Illness

Novel infectious, chronic and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) further stress weak health systems and threaten the global economy and security. RAF will engage in creating awareness of critical diseases, strengthening systems for preventive healthcare, promoting effective referral service programmes.



Consistent public infrastructure investment is necessary to retain improved sanitation practices through services such as solid and liquid waste management and community led sanitation programmes etc. changes in regard to sanitation and sustaining them is vital to improving health and hygiene conditions in the community. RAF will assist in inculcating positive behavior; partner with communities, governments and other likeminded organisations to achieve this goal.


Improving Community health

Community asset analysis is an innovative approach to community health improvement that recognizes the profound connections between shared community health assets, individual health assets, health opportunity, and health outcomes. Common community health assets include environmental components such as air, soil, to facilities such as housing, hospitals etc., health support services like disability services, early childhood services. RAF will assist community health improvement by mapping, creating, strengthening, connecting and mobilizing these assets in strategic ways to help community populations achieve better health outcomes.